Life Goals & The Pursuit of Happiness

There comes a time when one has to try and figure out “what they want out of life”.  The only real answer to this is “it depends”.  Why?  My goals are most certainly different than yours.  Good or bad, for better or worse, those goals define us, and help shape our lives.

Lauren and I booked a trip.  A trip both of us have been longing to do.  More on that later, but the following image should be a bit of a hint…

Sir Francis Drake

Kids & Travel, Keep The Adventure Alive!

I’m a pretty firm believer in leading by example, both in my personal life and professional career.  It’s one thing to talk about doing something, quite another to actually show it.  In my current job, this is all too true, in that I’ve seen so much more success by actually showing someone our product rather than just talking about it.

This carries over to my personal life as well.  In the past 15 months, our son has grown from our tiny little nugget to a little man, developing his own personality that makes him more fun to be around every day.  We like to think this is hugely in part to the fact that we take him everywhere.  In the past 15 months, he’s been to D.C., Los Angeles, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York City, and finally Tokyo.  He’s been on more flights in his first 15 months of life than I did in my first 10 years.  Not only has he grown into that little man I mentioned earlier, he’s becoming more adventurous every day.

Needless to say, this makes his mom and I incredibly happy.  Until the next adventure.

– Chad IMG_20170324_160920

Grand Central Station, NY
Grand Central Station, NY
Daredevil at Tokyo Tower
Daredevil at Tokyo Tower


Gundam statue, Tokyo
Gundam statue, Tokyo



Santorini is best on a scooter.

Ok, so after a long, long layover in Moscow and a great day in Athens (more on that later), we are in Santorini making the most of our trip. If you’ve been here, good for you! If not, there is actually quite a bit on one small island.

Of course, you can do the normal paragliding, scuba diving, or sun bathing here, but there are still plenty of archeological sites as well. One such place is ancient Thira, where the oldest Greek letters were found, and a near perfect statue (not normal) was also unearthed. In amy case, the scooter is by far the most fun transport method. Be wary of driving here, but if you have the stomach for it there are definite rewards.

So Far, So…

Ok, so I truly do believe that Lauren and I are pretty casual travelers. How else could we plan a week and a half long trip on a new continent (at least for me) with a normal medium sized backpack each?

Still, our choice of airline isn’t making it easy for us. Apparently us looking for a deal on a flight may have us waiting for our bags for quite some time at our destination. While I’m sure Aeroflot (the premier Russian airline) is generally nice to fly on a long trip, they don’t exactly inform you if there has been a slight change in your flight time, even if only 20 minutes. Because of this, our bags may get a little confused on the way.

In any case though, we will definitely make an adventure out of it. this is also the main reason why I always carry my toothbrush and deodorant with me…and I recommend to anyone else traveling for the first time to do the same.


If you’ve been following the news lately, you may have heard that a massive (and devastating) earthquake hit Nepal yesterday.  You may have also heard that a huge avalanche hit the Everest base camp during the quake.  One lucky soul actually caught it on camera, and lived.  This is intense.  WARNING: Graphic language (do you blame him?)!