Monthly Archives: August 2010

Beer inspired

There comes a time in life when drastic measures need to be taken.

You know that edgy, what the fuck am I doing with my life feeling. It’s like you know there are endless possibilities and your current, lacking condition is the only thing holding you back. For some unknown reason you still feel tied to or responsible for some occupation you know will never give you the rush and satisfaction you need but you just keep doing it. “I want to do” is what you hear coming out of your mouth and others, it resonates in the ears and hearts of those around you, “what if…”

This is the state of mind that, for some makes them crawl back into their shell chanting “If I just hold out a little longer then I will attain my dreams”.  For others it is the waking of the beast, the freedom call of the wild, I can! Continue reading Beer inspired