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Australia 2010 – Cairns

I couldn’t resist the title.

Before I really get into anything about Cairns, I first need to say how awesome Qantas is as an airline.  During the international flight, we of course had a few meals, snacks, and drinks.  This seems to be pretty standard for everything now, but now that I am on a domestic flight (yes, on the plane as I’m writing this section), I realize how incredible Qantas really is.  On a 3 hours flight, which isn’t at all uncommon in the U.S., they have your standard drinks available, plus an in-flight movie.  In addition, we had a full meal, followed by…ice cream.  I was completely floored and wished that they had regular flights in the U.S.  Ok, now that I said that, on to Cairns! Continue reading Australia 2010 – Cairns