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Few Experiences Will Compare To Seeing A Great White Shark Fly Out Of The Ocean

There are few experiences that will compare to how incredible seeing this in person was. Watching a great white shark breach the surface of the ocean to catch a seal made us feel like we were in the middle of a Shark Week episode on The Discovery Channel. I get goosebumps every time I watch it.

Keep watching until the end to see the reaction on my face.

Spoiled On The Safari

It is still a bit difficult to believe we aren’t in a zoo. After two very successful game drives where we saw 4 of the Big 5 African animals, we have come to expect to see animals on every trip out of the lodge. So far, so good, but the ever elusive leopard has still managed to keep from being spotted. This is apparently pretty normal, as the leopard is pretty difficult to track down.

On a great finishing note though, we have seen so many animals it has completely blown our minds. Of the Big 5, we have seen rhino, elephants, African buffalo (which we call water buffalo – this is not correct) and several lions. This may be a surprise, but the most fierce of the above creates are the rhino and buffalo. They are very territorial and just flat out mean. While the lion scared the holy hell out of us and looks the most fierce, they are actually pretty calm.

And now for a few photos.






A Few Cape Town Favorites

Well our time in Cape Town has finally come to an end. So far we have had quite the adventure and we cannot wait to see what the next portion of our trip has in store for us.

I threw in a few photos of the first leg of our trip, including us in front of our shark cage, the hotel, Table Bay (right where we were staying), and a beautiful South African sunset. Hope you enjoy, stay tuned for more!

P.s. we aren’t sure what or internet situation in like at our next place but will post pics if we can.

Sunset over the ocean.


Lauren in front of our hotel.


Table Bay with Table Mountain in the background at sunset.


Lauren in front of the bay.


Cape Of Good Hope.


Seal Island.


Shark cage.


Wine tasting.


Quick hike after shopping.