So Far, So…

Ok, so I truly do believe that Lauren and I are pretty casual travelers. How else could we plan a week and a half long trip on a new continent (at least for me) with a normal medium sized backpack each?

Still, our choice of airline isn’t making it easy for us. Apparently us looking for a deal on a flight may have us waiting for our bags for quite some time at our destination. While I’m sure Aeroflot (the premier Russian airline) is generally nice to fly on a long trip, they don’t exactly inform you if there has been a slight change in your flight time, even if only 20 minutes. Because of this, our bags may get a little confused on the way.

In any case though, we will definitely make an adventure out of it. this is also the main reason why I always carry my toothbrush and deodorant with me…and I recommend to anyone else traveling for the first time to do the same.

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