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So Far, So…

Ok, so I truly do believe that Lauren and I are pretty casual travelers. How else could we plan a week and a half long trip on a new continent (at least for me) with a normal medium sized backpack each?

Still, our choice of airline isn’t making it easy for us. Apparently us looking for a deal on a flight may have us waiting for our bags for quite some time at our destination. While I’m sure Aeroflot (the premier Russian airline) is generally nice to fly on a long trip, they don’t exactly inform you if there has been a slight change in your flight time, even if only 20 minutes. Because of this, our bags may get a little confused on the way.

In any case though, we will definitely make an adventure out of it. this is also the main reason why I always carry my toothbrush and deodorant with me…and I recommend to anyone else traveling for the first time to do the same.

Dreamliner being tested!

Fancy a ride on Boeing’s newest flagship? If you weren’t able to fly the friendly skies on the 787 Dreamliner before they got grounded by the FAA for battery issues, you’re in luck! The FAA has cleared at least one vessel for testing. Hit up the source link if you would like to know more. If you would like to know more about why I’m posting about the Dreamliner on a travel blog, you should probably check out some interior photos.

CNN: Boeing can conduct Dreamliner test flights