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Something To Add To The Bucket List – Sunken City Adventure Diving

I think the title says it all.  I can imagine few things that sound more interesting and exciting than exploring a sunken city.  MSN has a quick article highlighting five cities that are now underwater.  These adventures will no doubt provide an incredible experience for those brave enough to try it out.

I’d love to hear from anyone that has been to one of these locations!

What’s Not To Love About Denver?

Denver Skyline

Since moving to Denver, I have learned that while close proximity to world class skiing is amazing, summer play time is even better.  Typically we spend our time on bicycles heading to Coors Field, a local brewery, or one of the many fantastic parks, but there is so much more.   Continue reading What’s Not To Love About Denver?

In Flight Entertainment!

Copyright Denver Public Library

Alright, so technology today is pretty amazing.  We’ve got computers that fit in our hands, a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips at any given moment, and I swear we’re this close to having flying cars.  One thing that has always stayed on top of technology, and is a HUGE resource for entertainment while you travel, is your local public library. Continue reading In Flight Entertainment!

The Buffalo Rose – Hidden Gems


If you’re looking for some good music and a fun evening in the Golden area, you may want to check out the Buffalo Rose.  The food is pretty decent, and the entertainment is the best in town.  The venue is a large open concert hall, perfect for seeing that semi-local rock and/or blues band you’ve been hoping to check out.

The coolest surprise?  The venue is built on top of the old City of Golden Municipal Pool.  Not even joking there.  Check it out for yourself.

Well, I’ve never been to Spain…

Know what I like to do?  I like to walk.  I’ve known this ever since I was a young kid growing up in the hills of Fairfield, Oklahoma (Google it).  At the time, living in a small community 6 miles outside of the nearest town was just life.  If you wanted to go grocery shopping, you hopped in the car while Mom drove you in.  If you wanted to go see a friend, you either waited until someone had a birthday party, waited until the school year started, or waited until you were able to semi-legally drive.  Because of this, the best way to keep yourself busy was to go outside and play.   Continue reading Well, I’ve never been to Spain…